Social Justice Warriors now have formal university media programs - this is BAD NEWS

Posted by BrettRocketSci 1 year, 10 months ago to Entertainment
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Ideas drive our culture, and our MSM (mainstream media) is a huge driver of the cultural philosophy. This video commentary from Mark Dice (someone I enjoy watching a lot) is very scary. Social Justice Warfare has become institutionalized at UCLA through the Skoll Center for Social Impact Entertainment. Those 3 words are very Orwellian and frightening for us all. If you have been paying any attention this has already been an explicit and comprehensive campaign. Now it's getting even worse.

Where is the rational and liberty-friendly media campaign and infrastructure?!?

Here's the video link again:


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  • Posted by $ brightwriter 1 year, 10 months ago
    No mention of education until 3:52 into the video. But the concepts are good, and Mark Dice is a good commentator to follow. SIE seems to stand for Such Idiotic Education; if you have any other unauthorized acronyms, feel free to comment here. Our enemies dislike being laughed at; we can have some fun while attacking them if we use wit as a weapon.
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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 1 year, 10 months ago
    Edward Bernays would be delighted. As one of the engineers of Woodrow Wilson's war propaganda, and whose methods were copied by Goebbels, he was an advocate of working government propaganda into the educational system.

    I used to watch the occasional network series, but nearly all of the main broadcast channels are on the SIM path. If they aren't preaching about climate change, they're carrying the LGBTQ banner, or wailing over how badly we treat the invaders from the southern border. So far Animal Planet, the Science channel, the Food network, and a number of others haven't been infested with this crap. I'm becoming a fan of the Pluto TV system, as they've scooped up a lot of good older series. What could be wrong with a system that has a channel dedicated to the Midsomer Murders?
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  • Posted by bsmith51 1 year, 10 months ago
    Public schools and universities get public funding, to which strings need to be attached. While we're quietly contacting our representatives, they're actively protesting and inciting violence to get their way.

    Where are the activists for freedom?
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