Ilhan Omar: ‘I probably love this country more than anyone that is naturally born’

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"The Minnesota congresswoman said the U.S. exports “American exceptionalism,” but it does not live those values domestically."

Um, no.

I'm sorry, but this is a prime example of the Muslim principle of lying to "infidels" in order to achieve their end goals.
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  • Posted by rtpetrick 3 months ago
    Yep.....It is called Taqiyya and Kitman. Here is what happened in Minnesota.
    Cause and effect….cause and effect.
    The dumb ass Minnesota voters voted for Bill Clinton in 1992….Clinton won.
    Bill “ Better Put Some Ice On It” Clinton executed a military excursion in Africa and got his ass kicked in Somalia in 1993. Actually, it wasn’t his ass that went down in 2 Blackhawk helicopters, but several of our Rangers and Delta Force guys. Bubba was safe in D.C. with Algorythmn…and Lying Hillary.
    Clinton coerced Minnesota (via Lutheran and Catholic organizations) into taking in 35 to 40 thousand Somali “refugees”……Somali MUSLIM refugees……starting in 1993. That number is probably closer to 70,000 today as Muslims breed large families..
    The Minnesota Muslim vote gave us the tax cheat woman abuser, Keith Ellison (Muslim) as AG and the vile Anti-Semite, Ilhan Omar (born in Mogadishu) as a House Representative….and all of the other Muslims in state and local seats.

    We will have a big one in Minnesota…..not “if”….but “when”.

    Hang on because it is about to get a lot worse in Minnesota……
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    • Posted by Lucky 3 months ago
      A women was fatally shot. She had called the police for help, two came in a car, The Somali immigrant officer leaned across his colleague and fired.

      The charities that encouraged settlement in Minneapolis were no doubt motivated by altruism, but as usual did not think it through.

      There are millions in the world looking for a better life, many of then refugees, or would be if they could travel. If you want be altruistic, to help, choose the ones who can give the best deal for both sides. There is a wide choice, many willing to work, adapt and learn. They may be set on their religion which is ok if it does not require forcing on the host. Somehow, the worst get selected.
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  • Posted by  $  Stormi 3 months ago
    How long before she calls for national Sharia Law? She loves America, and tht is why she wants to transform and destroy it with debt. She would be called a foul mouth slut if she were white. Instead she hides under he headgear, as if it makes her the anoited one, then talks like a slut.
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  • Posted by jimslag 3 months ago
    I don't believe in exceptionalism, it was worked for but it did not start out that way. It was won by those that went before, the Founding Fathers, Shea's Rebellion, the Whiskey Rebellion, The War of 1812, The Civil War, World War 1, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and so on. Those that went before and signed that blank check made out to the US Government or laid it on the line with their Family, Fortune and even Life. They made it exceptional, they fought to make the rest of the world free of tyrants and dictators. They made mistakes also, so don't get me wrong as they supported some of those same people. Other's (like Omar) are lucky we are charitable enough to allow those seeking a better life in. Americans in general are more charitable than other countries. However, she is no better than us, just lucky she got in so she should be grateful, not condescending.. Those of us who served in the military and are the current defenders of the Constitution are firm believers in the place we call Home.
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    • Posted by Peggy 3 months ago
      For my money, we should be less charitable at this point. Too many shady characters getting in. Obama's FBI guy said there is a cell (jihadi training camp) in every state. They need to be cleaned up.
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  • Posted by rainman0720 3 months ago
    She couldn't be any more full of s*** if she tried. In countries where her religion is practiced, she wouldn't even be able to walk down the street by herself; but in this country, she was able to run for public office, try and convince enough idiots to vote for her, and actually represent those idiots (and the collateral damage..aka those in that district who did not vote for her) in the government of the United States.
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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 3 months ago
    I don;t know what the original comments of these Congresswomen are. A foreign-born citizen can
    love this country more than some of the native-born citizens who have trashed it (for instance, Ayn Rand and Irving Berlin). But I don't think Ilhan Omar is one of those examples.
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    • Posted by Peggy 3 months ago
      I think that is because Ayn etc escaped with their lives. Ditto Brigitte Gabriel. And I agree. Ilhan Omar is a radical. I cannot see her ever loving America. Of course, we do not know anyone's heart and I can be totally wrong, but from what I know of her through the news media, that is my thoughts.
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  • Posted by  $  exceller 3 months ago
    "“It is that I am anti-American because I criticize the United States. I believe, as an immigrant, I probably love this country more than anyone that is naturally born,” Omar said.

    Oh really?

    Try harder woman.

    Preaching hatred is not the way to do it.

    Speaking and acting are different sides of the coin. She thinks she can get away with her loathsome agenda by claiming she loves this country. Prove it with your actions or go back to where you came from.
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 3 months ago
    After doing some research online I deduce that IO belongs or has attended the Muslim Brotherhood Mosque in Minneapolis Mn. So, it would seem like she has been thoroughly indoctrinated in Radical Islam. So, she must have lied to her constituency about herself. I find it hard to believe the citizens of Mn are sheeple.
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  • Posted by Russpilot 3 months ago
    When a politician outright says that they are going to follow a set of laws and principals that are at odds with our laws and principals as a Nation, they must be judged as unfit to serve and removed.
    There is so much sedition and treason happening today in our halls of government. Makes me worry about the future of our country.
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  • Posted by  $  Dobrien 3 months ago
    Thanks to the Lutheran brotherhood , Hussein and Dopey Dayton.
    MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It is perhaps the least likely place to find tens of thousands of African refugees: the cold, snowy, middle of America. So why are there so many Somalis in Minnesota?

    “Maybe someday they will enjoy the ice fishing,” laughed Dr. Ahmed Samatar, dean of the Institute for Global Citizenship at Macalester College. Samatar was born in Somalia.

    As far as living in such a cold weather climate, “on the surface it may look bizarre,” said Samatar, however “there is so much goodness in this state.”

    The Somalis are here as legal refugees, largely. The Somalis Minnesota story tracks to 1991, when civil war broke out in Somalia. Millions fled to refugee camps, many in Kenya.
    So we get the losers!
    Two years later, the first wave of Somali refugees were sent to Minnesota.

    “In the beginning the U.S. federal government assigns people,” said Samatar.

    To qualify as a refugee, there is a process. The U.S. State Department ultimately decides where refugees will live, but it has to do with the voluntary agencies, called VOLAGS, that contract with the State Department.

    Minnesota has very active ones like Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, and World Relief Minnesota. Those agencies agree to help the refugees get settled, to learn English, find housing, get health care, and begin a new life.

    They “are known to be welcoming, and they invest a significant time of labor and resources, to help people find some comfort here and hope,” said Samatar.

    It’s the same reason this is a population center for Hmong refugees. The VOLAGS make the initial wave happen. But just because people are relocated to a place like the Twin Cities, doesn’t mean they’ll stay.

    “They have the opportunity to move,” said Samatar.

    But the Somalis have largely stayed, somewhere around 30,000 of them, partially because of the strength of the non-governmental VOLAGS, and partially because of the strength of governmental programs to help refugees begin a new life, according to Samatar.

    After the first wave is assigned here, the second wave of relatives and friends soon followed.

    “As Somalis settle down, find a life, the good news spreads: ‘Hey this is a good place, you can find a life here,'” said Samatar.

    Over the past 25 years, the United States has admitted about 84,000 Somali refugees. Close to 40 percent live in Minnesota
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  • Posted by  $  25n56il4 3 months ago
    I beg to differ with this lady. If she wanted to see discrimination she should have been around in the late 50's and 60's. Women weren't discriminated against, but were totally ignored, except to flatter someone's ego. How about working for a Fortune 500 company whose Chairman of the Board had an attitude of, 'If you must pay a woman $10K, replace her with a man!" That isn't happening today. Bit late for all this baloney she is spouting. You can't improve on perfection!
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    Posted by CircuitGuy 3 months ago
    I agree completely with Congresswoman Omar's comments in the article. I reject attributing things we disagree with to someone's religion or group identity.

    I'm generally an optimist who sees who the US has amazingly free and full of opportunity, and I think it will get better over time, despite the real problems of people accepting gov't intrusiveness that promises to manage aspects of their lives and keep them safe. I say that, and people say it means I don't take the problems seriously. Omar says the same thing, America is great but doesn't always live up to its mythology, and some people say it's too negative. It sounds like basic bigotry or some other irrational thought process that happens to look just like bigotry.

    So kudos to Omar for speaking some basic truths. It rings true that she appreciates America more than many natural born citizens. I often find people who made a choice to move here appreciate it more than people born here, and that makes logical sense.

    She is so correct that we promote the brand of American exceptionalism, i.e. being a country based on Enlightenment ideas of liberty rather than an ethnic group that historically lived here; but also right that we don't live up to our mythology. She is so right not to pretend like we do. There's still a collectivist element that sees people according to their identity group, i.e. dismissing her as a Muslim, but frankly you can find a bigoted element of society anywhere in the world. She's right to face the reality and admit it aloud.
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    • Posted by  $  blarman 3 months ago
      It is one thing to point out flaws in one's nation out of sincere desire to change them for the better, but it is quite another to mouth platitudes and put on airs to try to cover up one's true animosity for this nation. Omar doesn't respect American values. She has been caught doing everything to denigrate America and her anti-Semitic comments play a large part in that. She was also asked if she supports Al Queda and communism and she declined to answer what should have been a straightforward question. There is also her problem with immigration fraud.

      She is also speaking from a point of pure hubris to say she loves this land more than a natural-born citizen. That is an arrogant assertion not only of her superior intelligence but of professed patriotic superiority. And it is all a lie, which makes it the more galling.

      I think the last point I would make, however, is that if she truly loved America and its values, why would she be agitating for communism - a set of values antithetical to those here in the United States?

      While I agree that this nation is a land of opportunity and that we could be doing better, Omar is anything but a representative of a positive mentality. And yes, it IS in large part because of her Muslim heritage. She is admittedly a proponent of Sharia law - a system of total governance which would supercede the Constitution. One cannot have both and Omar has sided with Sharia. She only says she loves America because she knows that if she tells the truth it looks bad.
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      • -2
        Posted by CircuitGuy 2 months, 4 weeks ago
        " is that if she truly loved America and its values, why would she be agitating for communism"
        Are you saying the only explanation for people supporting bad ideas is that bigotry is actually correct? This is disgraceful. There are countless reasons people support bad ideas. Ironically, the ideology behind socialism is in some ways similar to bigotry. So I see you and she as similar in this respect. Bigots and socialists just have different group identities that they say are more important than individuals. .
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        • Posted by  $  blarman 2 months, 2 weeks ago
          Your argument is either very poorly worded or just ridiculous.

          The values of America are 100% antithetical to communism. This is fact. One can not simultaneously support two sets of antithetical ideologies - it is impossible. Omar is trying to claim on one hand that she is American but is openly agitating in favor of communism. This isn't a matter of merely supporting bad ideas, but the dishonesty in trying to play to both sides. This is aside from her openly anti-Semitic comments - a true exercise of bigotry.
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    • Posted by  $  exceller 3 months ago
      "She is so right not to pretend like we do."

      Pretend? Pretend to accept her and her 80,000+ countrymen in this country, providing them with means of opportunities that they could not even dream of in their backward homeland?

      Omar has not followed up with actions so she could be taken seriously. She parrots anti-Semitic and anti-American slogans that have no foundation.

      You should also know that being negative about EVERYTHING in this country would not help. Did she exhibit any constructive idea of what she wanted to see? I bet she wants Sharia law and the conversion of this society to her liking. Is that your idea of her "being so right"?

      And if this was not enough you state " It rings true that she appreciates America more than many natural born citizens." Yes, many immigrants do that b/c they know what this country represents vs the one they left behind. I am unable to detect any evidence of that "appreciation" in Omar. If anything she hates the US with all her might.

      Looks like you could use some common sense if you let sanity and normalcy guide you not the WaPo.
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      • -1
        Posted by CircuitGuy 2 months, 4 weeks ago
        "She is so right not to pretend like we [live up to our mythology of being being a state based on ideas]."
        "Pretend to accept her and her 80,000+ countrymen in this country"
        That's exactly what I mean. We have an embarrassing disgraceful element that misses the entire point, which makes us not the beacon of Enlightenment values that we want to be.
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        • Posted by  $  exceller 2 months, 3 weeks ago
          The US IS the beacon of enlightenment, like it or not.

          Yes, she and her countrymen were accepted but when you decide to take refuge in a foreign country you must become part of that country not the enemy of it and do everything to undermine and weaken it.
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          • -2
            Posted by CircuitGuy 2 months, 3 weeks ago
            "to take refuge in a foreign country "
            I have no idea what you're taking about. You're saying things contrary to values of this country. If you got elected to Congress, would you also be taking refugee here and obligated this adopt Enlightenment values of liberty and pluralism? I actually think you have an unconditional right to continue to take refugee here (or in my language be a citizen here) and say things contrary to our values.
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