How Many Polar Bears Can Dance on the Tip of an Iceberg?

Posted by Eudaimonia 1 year, 7 months ago to Politics
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A piece I wrote a few months back for ricochet.com in which I argue that patterns of belief in Global Warming / Climate Change overwhelmingly map to patterns of belief in a religion.

Enjoy, or not.
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  • Posted by Lucky 1 year, 7 months ago
    Good and very amusing. Yes it is a religion, beside the self interest of the big talkers there are the sheep believers. The sheep have already been trained by prevailing culture that unthinking altruism is good. They believe that sacrifice is needed to save the planet (Where does this come from, which major old type religion?)

    I wanted to check on the book by Margaret Atwood so went to the search engine that I use, Startpage, which uses Ggl, but there were - 'no results'.
    Trying the exact same words with Qwant gave plenty of results.
    Yes, among the saints is Rachel Carson.

    But I will disagree with the practicality, possibility, of not complying. That's the worst part, the non believers are paying for this crap.

    Earth Day- I celebrate Earth hour, on the annual Earth Day at this time in the evening all lights in my house go on (not off) and all blinds and curtains are opened to demonstrate the conquest of darkness.
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    • Posted by $ pixelate 1 year, 7 months ago
      There is actually a bit of nonsense that is being promoted called Earth Hour -- where folks across the world are made to feel guilty about life and prosperity:

      I setup a calendar reminder to turn on all my lights -- including a few bright 200W bulbs in my front yard -- during this time when we are supposed to appreciate our dark past in the absence of lights -- when "peoplekind" were properly in harmony with The World.

      Agreed -- Climate Change is just that old time religion gussied up with a lab coat.
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  • Posted by Jstork 1 year, 7 months ago
    Nice article.

    Even though we may or may not be the cause of climate change, we still (in accordance to the objectivist philosophy) need to do the right thing for the sake of doing so and not for reward or fear of punishment.

    When considering my actions, I ask myself: "What is the right thing to do?" and then answer yes or no. For example: Should I consume more resources than necessary if I have viable alternatives? Yes or no.

    We still have to enjoy life, but as rational objectivists, we should keep "doing the right thing," attempting to make the world a better place, and leave a small footprint.

    My whole issue with GW/CC is that the governments are taking charge of trying to make corrections with our extorted tax money.

    In Alberta, Canada; for example, there is a program called "Energy Efficiency Alberta" run by the provincial government. In the crusade for decreasing carbon emissions, they pay people to drive over 300 Km. round trip to install a smart thermostat in someone's house at taxpayer's expense. Another example is paying the same people to drive (a full size van no less) over 200 Km. to change about 15 incandescent light bulbs in one dwelling to LEDs.
    They do this at no cost to the owners of the dwellings.
    What a gross misuse of money.

    Let the "free" citizens determin the course of action in such matters. I think that untimately, the right course of action will be taken.
    When faced with such issues, I look back to the novel "Atlas Shrugged," or the movies "Atlas Shrugged..." and think of what Dagny Taggart or Henry Rearden would do. I ultimately believe they would still do the right thing without self sacrifice or sacfificing others for their purpose.

    It is all about moderation and consideration.
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  • Posted by $ TheRogue1000 1 year, 7 months ago
    This is the one subject on which I can't follow the thinking. I've given decades of thought to it. And while I can't get the whole "god" concept which seems to be some sort of "super" human, I cannot either accept the concept of the "big bang".

    It seems clear to me that we are alive in a staggering large (and expanding) "universe", growing out of the Big Bang. Yet my question continues to be, "what came before the big bang? That theory of the universe appears to leave out the source of the big bang. It strikes me that there is an intelligence at work. And that is my "religion" has opened for me.

    I doubt I'll ever come to the answer this time around. Yet I find it very hard to believe that "you only get one time around" to get it all correctly. It simply makes no sense to me. For me, there is much more to be grokked than we have yet found. (Very open to comments.)
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