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  • Posted by $ mminnick 1 year ago
    He is a man of many talents.
    Helped get people out of Iran when they were stranded there by return of Khomeini in '79/80
    Helped elect Bill Clinton in '92 by polling 19 %
    Treated his employees fairly and honestly.
    many accomplishments in addition to this.
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    • Posted by ewv 1 year ago
      He had many talents and virtues, but politics was not among them. He sounded promising when he first started to run and I signed a petition to get him on the ballot. But his statements soon began to turn goofy, and his VP was completely inept in the debate, sealing their doom. Peropt became a laughing stock, with some classics by Rush Limbaugh.

      You're right that his splitting the vote put the Clinton mafia in power, which turned out to be much worse than what people realized about the Clinton's at the time. Aside from the Slick Willy syndrome, he appointed the viro mafia to run Federal agencies, causing enormous damage trampling people's rights. A lesson learned is not to just look at what a presidential candidate says, look at the kind of appointments he will make in accordance with his party's ideology.

      Not that Bush had been any kind of success. His political establishment elitism, putting him out of touch with the damage his administration was causing, was his undoing. In particular, the Federal land agencies like the National Park Service went berserk under Bush's self-proclaimed "environmental presidency" and the rural land rights movement, a big part of the so-called "base", deserted Bush in droves. Who knows if Perot would have known any better in that realm. Clinton was not, in different ways.

      During the 2016 campaign many observed that Trump was beginning to look like a Perot debacle. He got through that but still leaves people sitting on edge wondering what crazy statement he will make next, and still causes fear that he will do something unstable with severe bad results for everyone.
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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 1 year ago
    Well, I don't have any personal information to trash him with, and besides, he's dead, and can't defend himself. As a candidate, he impressed me as a sort of P.T.Barnum; I didn't care for that "infrastructure" talk; it seemed to me to be a way of diverting the government from its proper functions (by the way, the proper ones are mighty few). I abstained in that election.(When Perot ran). There have certainly been worse men.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 year ago
    I actually voted for Perot back in the day. Despised Bill Clinton (still do) but really didn't care for Bush either. I still think Perot would have been better than either...
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  • Posted by starznbarz 1 year ago
    Everything you need to know about Perot was demonstrated by his selection of Medal of Honor recipient Vice Adm. Stockdale as a running mate. Everything you need to know about the communists that are the DNC, along with their puppets in the media, is how they treated Mr. Stockdale.
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  • Posted by bjedrick 1 year ago
    He would have made a great president. Unfortunately, not enough Americans were intelligent enough to vote for him. Thank God we finally got Trump - perhaps there is hope for us yet.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 year ago
    He, with permission, borrowed the phrase: "Make every one rich, including the poor" (a response to Mark Hamilton's Prime Law).

    Wonder how America might have been different had he won.
    Of course, the deep state was not about to let that happen.
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    • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 year ago
      It was around this time that the book "Shadows of Power" fell into my hands. And I began to realize WHY we always make terrible decisions.

      Why the republicans JOIN the democrats to vote BAD bills into law, but the Dems NEVER come over to vote Good Bills (Kates Law).

      Now, everyone calls them the Deep State. And the Blackmail is a key part of it. I was surprised Trump was not assassinated. Then I found out he maintains his OWN Security IN ADDITION to Secret Service, and I am grateful.

      I voted for Perot. And I truly think he would have been killed the instant he tried to change things. Look at the vicious, and non-stop attacks on our current President.

      If we had social media, I think Perot would have won, and I think we would have been better if he could have survived it...

      Sad to see him go!
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 1 year ago
    I was a teenager, but it seemed like he was doing well for someone who gave a slide-show lecture about economics that admitted the truth that budget deficits are unsustainable. I recall him dropping out and then getting back in, making him seem unstable. I wonder what would have happened if he had stuck with it and not temporarily dropped out.
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    • Posted by ewv 12 months ago
      He made himself look unstable for a lot more than than. Not temporarily dropping out probably would have made no difference. Perot became a laughing stock, which was exploited in some classic parodies by Rush Limbaugh.
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      • Posted by CircuitGuy 12 months ago
        "Perot became a laughing stock"
        I was only 17. I remember people laughing at him for doing slide presentations that were reminiscent of a class, focusing on fiscal discipline. Now that sounds refreshing. I don't remember what other bizarre things he may have done.

        I didn't think much of it, but now I think he's right that our fiscal and monetary system is unstable. I don't mean that in doom-and-gloom way, but I think it would be way more efficient and less stressful if the gov't could stop borrowin and gracefully cede monetary policy power to cryptocurrencies. It would be hard decisions like service cuts and/or tax increases, but in my understanding of economics, that capital going to private enterprises instead of Treasuries would lead to slightly higher growth, which would compound over time. I have a Macro 101 understanding of it, but it's hard for me to see fiscal policy not being a looming problem, a problem Perot wanted to address before it came to a head.
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    Posted by exceller 1 year ago
    I remember when he withdrew his candidacy b/c he did not want to expose his family to the devastating effects of media scrutiny, most of it carried out by paid agents specializing to find dirt on a candidate.

    Compared to what president Trump is going through, he chickened out.

    It was his personal decision but he should have seen that when he entered the race.
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